Aurora Plastics Announces Merger with Enviroplas

Providence, RI

Aurora Plastics, LLC, a leading manufacturer of polymer compounds, announced today its merger with Enviroplas Inc. (“Enviroplas”), an engineering compounding business, in partnership with Enviroplas management. The move represents the Company’s launch of an engineered polymers business segment. Sharing a commitment to being their customers’ first choice, Aurora Plastics and Enviroplas can now offer customers a broader product portfolio backed by industry-leading customer service.

About Enviroplas

Enviroplas was founded by Jim Stratman in 1992 and operates out of two sites in Evansville, IN. Enviroplas is a leading U.S. supplier of high-quality customized specialty engineering resin compounds, color-matching services and related materials technology solutions for the electrical, automotive, medical, building and construction, consumer goods, business equipment and transportation industries. The company’s commitment to customer service, financial discipline, and foresight for nearly 30 years has made it a reliably steady resource for specialty compound customers. Jim Stratman, CEO of Enviroplas, and the leadership team at Enviroplas, will remain in place and will lead the growth of the engineered polymers business segment for Aurora Plastics. For more information, visit

“Enviroplas brings an exciting platform expansion in a near-product adjacency with meaningful synergies” says Darrell Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Plastics. “We are excited to partner with the Enviroplas leadership team to drive continued growth.”

“Aurora is a great company and was an outstanding choice to build on Enviroplas’ legacy of providing top-tier innovation, strong customer service and leading product quality. Partnering with Aurora allows an immediate scaled-platform for our products, with profitable-growth accelerators in process, people, and technology. These are exciting times,” says Stratman.

Jim Stratman, CEO of Enviroplas, and the leadership team at Enviroplas, will remain in place and will lead the growth of engineered polymers for Aurora Plastics.

About Aurora

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, Aurora Plastics is known for providing high-quality polymers, industry-leading service and customized solutions. The company offers a broad range of products, all delivered with special attention to consistency and reliability and designed to meet specific customer needs through a collective exchange. In addition to their Streetsboro production facility, the company has manufacturing capabilities throughout the US and Canada: North Carolina, Quebec, Massachusetts and Texas. For more information, visit

Nautic Partners

Nautic Partners, a Providence, Rhode Island-based middle-market private equity firm, acquired Aurora in 2021 in partnership with management.

Chris Pierce, a Managing Director of Nautic, said, “Enviroplas provides the Aurora platform with an attractive new growth vector via further expansion into the large and growing engineered polymer merchant compounds space. The combination of Aurora and Enviroplas will allow both businesses to better serve their customers while also accelerating growth.”

Sean Wieland, a Managing Director of Nautic, said, “Enviroplas has a strong value proposition of service excellence, quality, consistency and customer collaboration – this has allowed Enviroplas to consistently grow faster than its competitors in end markets that are highly complimentary to Aurora.”

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