All Investments

Active Investments

1105 Media Holdings (1105 Media Inc.)
Advanced Threat Response Holdings Inc., (“DeepSeas”)
AKAM Holding Company, LLC (AKAM Living Services, Inc.)
AP Plastics Parent, LLC (Aurora Plastics, LLC)
Bridgestone Sponsorco, LP (Homecare Holdings, LLC)
CarePathRx Holding Company, LLC (CarepathRx)
Curtis Industries Holdings, LLC / Curtis Industries Trust (Curtis Industries, LLC)
EmpiRx Acquisition Holdings LLC (EmpiRx Health, LLC)
Exalt Health, LLC
HB Performance Systems Holdings LLC (HB Performance Systems, Inc.)
HES Facilities LLC (HES Facilities LLC)
IHCS/CMS Holdings, LLC (Clinical Medical Services, Inc. and Integrated HomeCare Services, Inc.)
Innovative Renal Care, Inc.
ITS Solutions Holdings, LLC (IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.)
LS Ultimate Holdings, LLC (LindFast Solutions Group)
Mikart, Inc.
Nautic HIPH Holdings, LLC (Harrington Industrial Plastics LLC)
Nautic Panther Holdings, LP (PANTHERx Rare, LLC)
Nautic Vallen Holdings, LLC (Vallen, Inc.)
NLS Holdings LLC (Lifestreet Inc.)
Nystrom Holding Company, LLC (Nystrom & Associates)
Pyramid Healthcare Holding Company, LLC
Respond2 Communications Holdings, LLC (Rain the Growth Agency)
RevJet, Inc.
Simonds Holding, Inc. (Simonds International Corporation)
Tarian Holdings, LLC
Vantage Mobility Holdings, LLC (Vantage Mobility International, LLC)
VC3 Holding Company, LLC (VC3 Inc.)

Exited Investments

Aavid Holding Company, LLC / Aavid Holdings, LLC (Aavid Thermalloy,LLC)
ACC Corp.
Advanced Materials Technology
Aerostar Holdings, LLC (Aerostar Aerospace, Inc.)
AIM Holding Company, LLC / ORSG Holding Company, LLC (AIM Holding Company, LLC)
AM Holdco, LLC (All Metro Health Care LLC)
Amherst Process Instruments
Applied-Cleveland Holding Company, LLC (Applied-Cleveland Holding Inc.)
Ariba, Inc.
Bachtel Cellular Liquidity, L.P.
Bay Cellular
Beachfire, Inc.
Better Entertainment Cable, L.P.
Big Train Holdings, LLC (Big Train Inc.)
Brooks Fiber/Telecom
Cable Box Holdings, LLC (Contec Holdings Limited)
Cardinal Instruments
Carolina BroadBand, Inc.
Carr Management Holdings, LLC (Carr Management, Inc.)
CCD Holdings, L.P. / CCD Limited Partnership (Canada Cartage Diversified ULC)
CDRY Holdings, Inc. (Chem-Dry Holdings, Inc.)
Cellular Group
Chemprene Holding, Inc.
Choice One Communications, Inc.
Clarkston-Potomac Group, Inc.
CLC Group, Inc. / FleetCor Technologies, Inc. (Corporate Lodging Consultants, Inc.)
CMG Holding Company, LLC (Community Medical Group)
CompBenefits Corporation
Continental Cablevision
Curahealth Hospitals
CustomMedia, L.L.C.
CV1 Holdings, LLC (ConvergeOne Holdings Corp.)
CWS Holding Company, LLC (Custom Window Systems, Inc.)
Design/Craft Fabric Holdings, Inc.
DF Cablevision, L.P.
Diagnostic Security Holders, LLC (Genova Diagnostics)
DialPage, Inc.
Digital Access, L.L.C.
Dines Industrial Group
Dobson Communications Corp.
e4e, Inc.
ECP Holding Company, LLC (ExactCare Pharmacy, LLC)
Endries Holdings, LLC (Endries International Inc.)
Exodus Communications, Inc.
Federated Lithographers-Printers, Inc.
FFG Holdings, Inc./ FFG Industries, Inc. (FFG Industries, Inc.)
Fibertech Networks, LLC
FPG Holding Company, LLC (Family Physicians Group, Inc.) L.L.C.
FTD, Inc.
Galaxy Telecom
Gans Holdings, LP/LLC
Gaymar Holding Company, LLC
GCA Services Group, Inc.
Growing Family Holdings Corporation
Health Management Group, LLC
HealthMarket, Inc.
Healthy Eyes Advantage Holding Company, LLC (Healthy Eyes Advantage)
HPS Holding Company, LLC (Healthcare Payment Specialists, LLC)
iConnect L.L.C.
Integra Telecom, Inc.
InterXion Holding N.V.
IPS Group, LLC Liquidating Trust (IPS Group, LLC)
IPS Holdings, LLC (IPS Corporation)
Jamcracker, Inc.
Key Health Group, Inc.
Kronos, Inc.
KVH Industries
LaPetite Academy
Lawless Container
Lawless Holding Corp.
LDI Holding Company, LLC (LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services, Inc.)
Medegen Holdings, LLC / Nautic/VCC Holdings, LLC (Medegen Medical Products, LLC)
Medical Staffing Network Holdings, Inc.
Milestone Aviation Group Limited
MJD Communications
Moore DP, LLC
MSN Holdings, Inc.
Muvico Holdings, LLC / Amco Holding, LLC
MVL Group, Inc.
NEPTCO Holdings, Inc.
Nexpak Corporation
North American Health Plans, Inc.
Oasis Outsourcing Holdings, LLC
Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare (Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare, LLC)
OHS, Inc.
OneComm, Inc.
Orion Network Systems, Inc.
Orius Corp.
Pace Fitness L.L.C.
Pegasus Communications Corp.
PEP Industries, LLC
PHNS, Inc./Venyu Solutions, Inc.
PNI Technologies, Inc.
Prince Sports Management Holdings, LLC
Qantum Communications Corporation
QoL meds Holding Company, LLC / Genoa-QoL Investment Holding GP, LLC (Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company)
QSI Holdings, Inc.
Relera, Inc.
Reliant Holding Company, LLC (Reliant Hospital Partners, LLC)
Res-Care, Inc.
Rifkin Acquisition Partners, L.P.
Rio Holdings, Inc.
Roadrunner Freight Systems, Inc.
Root Communications Group, L.P./Inc.
Rosina Holding, Inc.
RT1 Holdings, LLC (Response Team 1 Holdings, LLC)
S4T Holdings, LLC (ESS / Education Solutions Services, LLC)
Savage Sports Corp./Savage Arms
SI Holdings
Skyline Chili, Inc.
Spartech, LLC
Specialty Networks, LLC (UroGPO, LLC)
Superior Vision Holdings, LLC (Superior Vision Holding, LLC)
SynQ Solutions, LLC
Systems Engineering and Mfg. Corp.
Theorem Clinical Research Holdings LLC
United TransNet, Inc.
US ONE Communications Corp.
Verio, Inc.
Wain-Roy, Inc.
WOOD Radio Limited Partnership